A Professional Designer & Manufacturer of Daily Living Aids.

"雄偉精密科技公司" 以人為本,致力於各類顧客所託,全心全力投入鑽研,視同自己要使用的產品,把消費者的對產品期望最大化,讓消費者買的放心,用得安心。創造消費者、客戶及廠家三贏,並達到三好一公道,三好就是:服務好、信用好、品質好,一公道就是價錢公道。
Bear & Wilson Technology Inc. upon the Sense of Humanism, committed to customers' confidence, devote all efforts to research, treat them as the products they want to use, maximize consumers' expectations of products, and let them buy and use with safety of mind. Make everybody wins for consumers, customers and manufacturers, and achieve three good and one fairness. The three goodnesses are: good service, good credit, good quality, and fairness is fair price.

產品研發設計 Products R & D

以各種產業產品研究開發、設計及製造起家,承襲父系產業技能,青出藍更勝於藍! 我們提供顧客完整的OEM/ODM/OBM專業代工,從產品開發、設計、測試、製造及出貨寄送..等服務!讓顧客只需專心接單,免去生產製造的煩惱及麻煩。
Starting from the research and development, design and manufacturing of various industrial products, inheriting the skills of the patrilineal industry. We provide customer OEM/ODM/OBM services, from products research, design, testing, manufacture and deliver shipment. Customer just need to focus on get the P/O without any worry about the production.

生活輔具 Aids to Daily Living (ADL)

未來展望,將以 "三創" (創意、創新及創業) 的精神,持續研究發展各類型 "生活輔具" 新產品,期以改善更多行動不便人士的生活。
Many years, we have focused on the research and development, design, testing, and manufacturing of various products that can improve people's life convenience.
For thr future, we will keep to develop on the new daily aids for improve people's life with "3 Creativity spirit" (Creative, Innovation, Venture).

環保綠能 ECO-Friendly/Green Energy

The earth’s temperature continues to rise. As a citizen of the earth, we have the responsibility to contribute our efforts. Therefore, we are actively negotiating to sell various environmentally friendly green energy devices and equipment. we provide green energy planning for customers to improve electricity, no only to save money, but also to beautify the living environment and reduce temperature rise.